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Golden Horseshoe – WV History Bowl – The Musical


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West Virginia History Bowl




WV Golden Horseshoe Test — WV History Bowl — Golden Horseshoe (the Musical)


Golden Horseshoe WV leftGolden Horseshoe WV right


“The Golden Horseshoe Test has been administered in West Virginia each year since 1931 and is the longest running program of its kind in any state. The top-scoring students in each county receive the prestigious award and are inducted as “knights” and “ladies” of the Golden Horseshoe Society.”

Explore WV Department of Education’s “About the WV Golden Horseshoe Award” Website

     2017 – 2018 Golden Horseshoe


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Explore WV Department of Education’s “2017-2018 Golden Horseshoe” Website —   Includes:  Upcoming Dates; Registering Students; Preparing for the Golden Horseshoe Essay and Multiple Choice Online Test; Essay Test information; Online Test information; Test Proctor/Moderator; Internet Usage Tips on Test Day; Online Test Forms; Winners; and more.    

<<Private and Home Schools should consult the page for special instructions and dates.>>

“The number of winners is determined by population but every county is given a minimum of two winners. The bigger the county, the more winners it will have. The Golden Horseshoe test is a competition within a county, NOT within the state.”


golden horseshoe wv 2    charleston wv gazette mail

     “The Quest to Become a Knight (or Lady) of the Golden Horseshoe Gets Tougher” – Charleston Gazette-Mail

May, 2012

“Becoming a knight or lady of the Golden Horseshoe has never been a small feat, but winning the state history award now requires an even deeper understanding of West Virginia’s past. Every West Virginia student takes the Golden Horseshoe test during his or her eighth-grade year. The top finishers from each county are invited to Charleston to be “knighted” by the state superintendent and receive a Golden Horseshoe pin.

“For years, the test was made up of trivia questions like “What year did Morgan Morgan establish the first settlement in modern day West Virginia?”  The correct answer is 1731, but Mary Johnson, a historian at the state Archives, said questions like that don’t . . .”

Explore “Charleston Gazette-Mail” Website to Continue Reading     (webpage not currently available)


     Golden Horseshoe Study Links for Students

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Explore WV Archives and History’s “Quick Quizzes” Website“These 10-question each, multiple-choice quizzes test knowledge on West Virginia.”  There are more than 200 Quizzes.

Explore WV Archives and History’s “Daily Trivia Question” Website “Another useful tool for students studying for the Golden Horseshoe.”

Explore WV Archives and History’s On This Day in WV History” Website — “. . . presents one or more events for every day of the year, with links to additional information.”

     Golden Horseshoe Practice Tests for Students

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Explore WVDE’s Golden Horseshoe “Practice Essays” Website pdf

Explore WVDE’s “Essay Test Lines” Website pdf     {Students are given a page like this to write answers to the essay question}

Explore WVDE’s Golden Horseshoe “Practice Multiple Choice Questions” Website pdf       Answer Key pdf

Explore WVDE’s “Golden Horseshoe Practice Test” Website pdf         Answer Key – xlxs  (Excel)

Explore WVDE’s “Golden Horseshoe Practice Test Items Released from 2012 Test” Website pdf        Answer Key doc

Explore WVDE’s “Golden Horseshoe Practice Test 2” Website pdf           Answer Key doc

Explore WVDE’s “Test Day Tips” Website pdf

Explore WV Culture and History’s “1955 WV Clubs’ Golden Horseshoe Test” Website — 4 pages – 3 1/2 hour time limit!!

Important Golden Horseshoe Dates for Students – 2017-2018

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December 4, 2017 — Private and Home-School student registration for Golden Horseshoe testing begins. 

January 2, 2018 — Deadline to request Braille Test.   Online Golden Horseshoe Practice Test available for students.  (Practice tests are posted once a week on Fridays.)

Last week of January — All students must have logged into the Golden Horsehoe platform to test their usernames and passwords.

February 7 — Golden Horseshoe Written Essay Test for ALL counties.

February 16 — All home- and private-school registrations are due to the WVDE Office of Secondary Learning.   All Practice Tests are turned off.

February 20 – March 1 — Golden Horseshoe Online Multiple Choice Testing:   For current schedule, check the WV Department of Education’s “2017-2018 Golden Horseshoe” Website


March 19 – 23 — Golden Horseshoe winners names will be sent to counties and Winner and Honorary Packets will be mailed.

May 4 — Golden Horseshoe Ceremony, Capitol Complex.

golden horseshoe group

golden horseshoe wv 2        

     “2017 Golden Horseshoe Ceremony”

(Because of its length, a YouTube connection required to view this video)    (1:29:25/2017/WV Dept of Education)


golden horseshoe wv 2        charleston wv gazette mail

     “WV students enter Order of the Golden Horseshoe” – Charleston Gazette/Mail

Friday May 5, 2017

KENNY KEMP | Gazette-Mail
More than 200 West Virginia eighth-graders were inducted as Knights of the Golden Horseshoe in a ceremony Friday at the Culture Center in Charleston.

“In time-honored West Virginia tradition, more than 200 eighth-graders were recognized as Knights of the Golden Horseshoe on Friday for their knowledge of the state’s history and culture. The honorees, inducted by West Virginia Schools Superintendent Steve Paine, included at least two students from each of the state’s 55 counties. The exam testing students’ knowledge of their state has been given since 1931.

“The Golden Horseshoe tradition stems from the early 1700s, when the lieutenant governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood, organized a party of about 50 men to explore the land west of the Allegheny Mountains, most of which is now West Virginia. Spotswood gave each member of the party a golden horseshoe when the expedition was complete.”


This year’s (2017) Knights of the Golden Horseshoe are listed below:

Barbour County: Katriana Beckwith, Michael Ervin, Chandler Poling;

Berkeley County: Laasya Chennuru, Rowan Eubanks, Marissa Heiner, Olivia Hobbs, Logan Lee, Isaac McCarthy, Mary-Katherine Morris, Sydney Rapp, Anna Elizabeth Riordan, Nina Saluja;

Boone County: Adrianna Ballard, Brayden Flippen, Ty McClung, Billy Mullins Jr.;

Braxton County: Conner Bragg, Drew Duffield, Lauren Keplinger;

Brooke County: Nikki Earnest, Ethan Robey, Brenna Weir:

Cabell County: Ramsey Ash, Elaina Blickenstaff, Matthew Burdette, Andrew Castle, Peyton Levi, Bryson Potter, Elijah Stevens;

Calhoun County: Ronnie Laughlin, Philine Lippmann;

Clay County: Caleb Atha, Kynika Bloom, Tanner Faulkner;

Doddridge County: Alyssa Barnes, Sara Singer;

Fayette County: Joseph Brasse, Cy Persinger, Bethany Starsick, Virginia Weatherford, Brendan Zackoski;

Grant County: Grant Brill, Tyler Saville, Jacob Whetzel;

Greenbrier County: Oryan Collins, Zachary Ellis, Case Hall, Jayden Osborne;

Hampshire County: Doran Bauer, Mikayla Freeman, Nevin Ludwick;

Hancock County: Samantha Antol, Kayla Baselj, Alexia Davis, Sean Lauritzen;

Hardy County: Rayne Metzer, Trevor Southerly, Perry Whetzel;

Harrison County: Evan Anderson, Easton M. Cahill, Elliot Fitzgerald, Anna-Eileen Forinash, Corinne Lalama, Zachary Lambert;

Jackson County: Davis Haynes, Houston Kessell, Sarah Smith, Savanna Stolper;

Jefferson County: Quinn Arzt, Ethan Harner, Kate Hefner, Jonathan Leavely Jr.; Michael Swisher;

Kanawha County: Sydney Beckett, Emma Cimino, Stephen Hinkley, Stephen McCollam III, Cassidy Melancon, Jackson Monk, Abigail Patterson, Emma Starcher, Elijah Stowers, Lukas Summers, John Ward, Nathan Whitman, Darcy Witt;

Lewis County: Emma Cayton, Joseph Derico, Emily Herron;

Lincoln County: Devin Dreher, Natalie Fout, Michael Neace, Lory Stevens;

Logan County: John Grimmett III, Jaden Keith, Kristen Scites, Andrew Tomblin;

Marion County: Chase Duckworth, Aaron Kovack, Jocelyn Maxwell, Kate Merritt, Avery Ryan;

Marshall County: Reagan Gray, Walter Heitz, Elizabeth Murrin, Zara Zervos;

Mason County: Luke Blain, Wyatt Bryan, Skyler Putney;

McDowell County: Madison Hairston, Dylan Lester, Caleb Proffitt;

Mercer County: Ashlynn Bailey, Timothy Laxton, Matthew Williams, Lake Young;

Mineral County: Trenton Burns, Jacob Logsdon, Xander Shoemake, Hannah Slaughter;

Mingo County: Thomas Booth, Justin Hall, Erika Murphy, Tyler Newsome;

Monongalia County: Madison Hunter, Patrick Koon, William McClellan, Grant Palmer, Katherine Pilcher, Geoffrey Swisher, Amanda Wang;

Monroe County: Jenna Foster, Harley Graham, Keiran McClaugherty;

Morgan County: Phoebe Hogbin, Erin McLaughlin, Carson Stotler;

Nicholas County: Payton Brown, Jonathan Cook, Dylan White;

Ohio County: Giulio Gentile, Margaret Hartzell, Hunter Midcap, Lucia Perri;

Pendleton County: Benjamin Burgoyne, Jay Wright Tompkins;

Pleasants County: Lara Fetty, Aaron Stull;

Pocahontas County: Logan Hively, Silas Riley;

Preston County: Zack Colebank, Arabella McCloud, Cloey Moore, Bailey Wilt;

Putnam County: Aiden Bernard, Brady-Allen Davidson, Madisyn Johnson, Owen Kimberling, Lizbeth Magana, Luke Samples;

Raleigh County: Nicholas Joynes, Anthony Pompie, Isaac Raines, Nicholas Reidmiller, Jackson Trump, Ilya Vitvitsky, Nevaeha Wheeler;

Randolph County: Sheridan Bonner, David Defibaugh, Teidhgan Minney, Aidan Row;

Ritchie County: Joden Juilfs, Holden McCloy, Gideon Mossor;

Roane County: Kendra Green, Tristan Pettit, Savannah Unger;

Summers County: Lori Anglas, Ashton Basham, Makayla Gross;

Taylor County: Roan Dworaczyk, Jason Gainer, Riley Moore;

Tucker County: Abbie Eakle, Lindsey Hull;

Tyler County: Aaron Moore, Abigail Thompson;

Upshur County: John Bohman II, Autumn Cutright, Olivia Spencer;

Wayne County: Joshua Brumfield, Chase Jackson, Karli McCloud, Andrew Spaulding, Dylan Tate;

Webster County: Hannah Carpenter, Hannah Hamrick, Anthony McCoy;

W.Va. School for the Deaf: Alessandra Vacchio;

Wetzel County: Rachel Bates, Jacob Kuhn, Makayla McDougal;

Wirt County: Austin Dille, Logan Powell;

Wood County: Jenna Boice, Cecelia Fatta, Joey Ferch, Nathaniel Marks, Bradon Nguyen, Lauren Sexton, Brett Vanmeter;

     Golden Horseshoe Database

golden horseshoe wv 2

“Since 1931, more than 15,000 West Virginia students have received the Golden Horseshoe Award in recognition of their knowledge of West Virginia history. Each year, thousands of eighth graders across the state take the Golden Horseshoe examination, and more than two hundred are inducted into the prestigious Golden Horseshoe Society.”

Explore WV Archives and History’s “GH Database” Website — includes:  How To Use The Database; Search the Golden Horseshoe Database; Honorary Golden Horseshoe Recipients; 1955 Golden Horseshoe Test

golden horseshoe wv 2




West Virginia History Bowl

“In 2010, the West Virginia Division of Culture and History (WVDCH) began an exciting new challenge for eighth graders to test their West Virginia history – the West Virginia History Bowl Tournament. Teams of students from around the state face off in an academic bowl competition that focuses on West Virginia history, literature, arts, architecture, geography and culture.

“Eighth grade students in public, private and home school education programs are eligible to compete on the four-person teams in double-elimination tournament play. The regional tournament winners and the runner-up team move forward to the state tournament held in late April at the Culture Center, State Capitol Complex, in Charleston.”

Explore WV Culture and History’s “WV History Bowl” Website  — (includes schedule for current year and results from previous years)

West Virginia History Bowl 2

“The questions are largely drawn from questions found in the Archives and History ‘Quick Quizzes’ and ‘Daily Trivia’.”

Explore WV Archives and History’s “Quick Quizzes” Website“These 10-question each, multiple-choice quizzes test knowledge on West Virginia.”  There are more than 200 Quizzes

Explore WV Archives and History’s “Daily Trivia Question” Website “Another useful tool for students studying for the. . .” History Bowl.

Explore WV Archives and History’s On This Day in WV History” Website — “. . . presents one or more events for every day of the year, with links to additional information.”


West Virginia History Bowl 2

      2017 WV History Bowl Regional Competitions

Explore WV Culture and History’s “2017 History Bowl Regional Competitions Results” Website — click “Results” link under each RESA

      2017 West Virginia History Bowl Championship

Explore WV Culture and History’s “2017 History Bowl State Tournament Results” WebsiteWest Virginia History Bowl 2


“GOLDEN HORSESHOE — the Musical”


Golden Horseshoe is a musical that celebrates West Virginia. It’s about a father helping his son study for the Golden Horseshoe test while coping with the recent death of his own father. The story unfolds in historical (and musical!) scenes in his son’s imagination, as we meet John Brown, Stonewall Jackson, and many more. The show is educational and historical, funny and touching, entertaining and uplifting.”

“Wes, an eighth grader, is struggling with the test prep, and his Dad steps in to help him study. At first they fight—they’ve been distant the past two months while Dad has mourned the loss of his own father. But soon, Dad sparks Wes’s imagination, using Wes’s crush on his classmate Rosie to motivate him. Dad, Wes, and Rosie, along with an ensemble of one man and one woman, visit and reenact several important moments in West Virginia’s history, meeting John Brown, Stonewall Jackson, and even Abraham Lincoln along the way. They learn about the Civil War, the Hatfields and McCoys, and the labor strife between mine owners and coal miners.

Golden Horseshoe is about West Virginia’s history, but more than that, it’s about fathers and sons—and mothers and daughters—and how we pass down West Virginia’s heritage from one generation to the next. It celebrates West Virginia’s first 150 years, and it looks forward to even more wild and wonderful years to come.”

Explore “Golden Horseshoe — the Musical” Website


WV Golden Horseshoe the Musical Logo

“Golden Horseshoe” Trailer #1 – “Thus He Swears”

WV Golden Horseshoe the Musical Logo


West Virginia History Practice Quizzes and Tests

WV History Practice Test and Quiz

West Virginia History Bowl   WV History Bowl

Eighth grade    Golden Horseshoe

WV Golden Horseshoe

Ladies of the Golden Horseshoe     Knights of the Golden Horseshoe

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